In this privacy policy, we inform our readers and customers about the information which we collect and how that is used. If you agree with our privacy policy terms then you can read further and have access to our features and reading material. This privacy policy describes how, why we collect and how we secure your data.

Every piece of data we collect is kept things highly secured and not sold to any third party by any means. We collect data from our readers, process and also use some of the personal information which one provides us intentionally. We highly respect your privacy and take all the necessary measures to keep your data secure with us. There is plenty of data that we gather when one subscribe to our information or another program, we also use the information provided to us while buying a product from our website. However we make sure that all the necessary actions are being taken to keep the data secured with highly advanced protection technology.

We do not collect data automatically expect for the cookies being used by our website. You can agree with the terms or leave the page when you are asked about your consent. These cookies are used automatically by your system and they both are temporary and permanent. The temporary cookies get eliminated when you close your browser. Permanent cookies are saved on your system and are used for the storage of information like your account details on our website. This is done for convenience in case you have poor memory when it comes to remembering passwords.

Why store cookies?

Cookies are of different types and are not harmful at all as only the basic information is stored like login and password details. We store cookies to make sure that the users are getting preferred information and it also helps with the website optimization.  With these files, it gets easy to recognize which device users are utilizing resulting in a better display of the information. These cookies are used for the information that makes things adaptable according to the requirements of the users. These cookies are used for the statists that help us understand how our users are utilizing our websites and this aids us in making more improvements on the site.  Users can block the installations whenever they want and can completely get rid of them.

The way we use your info

There are different ways, with which we will use your info given by you. Let’s discuss some of the vital ways that may make your info used by us/;

  • To implement our Term of Use, find out the activity of the user like new postings or keyword searches, or to manage the website’s traffic
  • To give friendly and effective customer services and to create/manage user accounts
  • To help you with the problems if you are facing in terms of technical aspects
  • To resolve disputes, troubleshoot issues, and gather fees
  • To reassure safe trading
  • To customer the experience of the users
  • To gauge interest in our additional products and services
  • To let our users informed about the updates and services we may have in future
  • To make a communication bridge between promotional and marketing offers
  • To meet the assurances we make according to what we have described while gathering the info
  • For other reasons or purposes based on what we find interesting and necessary for our website and users

Added protection to your personal info

We take you as a valued user or customer to our website. It is our guarantee to protect your info and privacy in any manner. This is the reason why we are dedicated to safeguarding your personal data in many ways. When you buy something from our website, our website does not process any payments directly and does not store the credit card info. Once you are registered with us, you will be provided a unique customer or user ID and password, which should not be disclosed to any person. When you use any shared computer, then it should be important thing to log it off. We as a website have acquired some security protections when it comes to protecting your personal info.

At the same time, it is also to be noticed that we have no liability related to the loss alteration, theft, or ill-use of any personal or other data or content related to you without any limitation, if you want to participate in the forum, then you can do it after that, your username will be going to post on our website.

If you have any dispute with our website or the most important, privacy section and to the terms and conditions, then you can contact us to get the best resolutions at any cost. These disputes are not restricted to any provisions associated with limitations on damages.