Social bookmarks

There is a possibility that our website may have social marketers, detectable with the help of their respective buttons. Through social bookmarks, social networks have a tendency to publish some chosen links of website pages in their network’s profiles. Users can mark them as favorite ones or can share them with their social networking site’s contacts. This is the way, in which the detectable data is being sent to their respective social networking sites via social bookmarks. Activities or comments from people who make use of social bookmarks presented on the site page are not subject to the approval, control, or administration of the website, which will not be held accountable for them. if any of the users share website interactions via social bookmarking, they are not accredited to discuss anything on our website’s behalf or to represent our website and their opinions should be taken into account absolutely as their own and not in the place of our website. Furthermore, the provisions involved in these terms of practice associated with the links will also relate to social bookmarking.


Of course, there are third-party links or content to other web pages or websites on our website. It is important to know that these links and contents are not provided wholly for the information and convenience of the users. We do not have any control over these links and contents, and even we do not have any responsibility, guarantee, or give any statement related to the web pages or contents of third parties. At the same time, it is not restricted to its purpose, accuracy, topicality, or quality. But we make sure the security of our users. It does not mean that we are answerable for web pages or content of third parties. Side by side, if there are web pages that are linking or framing our website, we are not responsible for these links as well.

Info related to all visitors to websites

Of course, it is a true fact that our website designed to help users to get health tips and supplements for maintaining health, tend to gather certain info about a user who uses the website. The info such as how often and how many visitors come to our website and its fragments, in a manner similar to the number of television audiences that indicate a variety of TV stations. It will get the data like how many audiences have tuned in to a particular program. This type of data is used by us in total. Our experts utilize this data to determine the number of visitors using what part or different parts of our website. Our intention to use this data is only to give a better appearance and improvement to our website. Of course, we want to make it more attractive and appealing to the current and future visitors, this is how we apply some techniques after the collection of the data. For a glance, our website depends on the technology known as cookies, which have the goal to tell our professionals when and how web pages are visited by users and what are the numbers of people visiting our website.

Data about you as a user

There are many things we can capture you. There are chances, in which we can ask the users for their information regarding the interests they have or their opinions. You as a user are privilege to us. This is why we can give you a chance to share your opinions so that you and our website can get benefit from the interactivity of this web medium. But it is your call whether or not you want to give responses, we will not force you in any manner. Of course, the gathered information we have can be used by us to let you aware of the additional services and products you may be wanting to have. If you do not want this information to be received, then you can indicate it in the online form that you will fill or have already filled it. After this action, you can easily remove you from the address list. We promise that the info about you that will be filled out in the form along with the emails received by us will be going to get treated in a confidential and safe manner.

Amendments in the privacy policy

There may be circumstances, in which we need to change the privacy policy of our website, then it is our duty to let you know about the changes. This is why we will update these changes on our website, giving you a chance to get familiar with them regarding the way we can use that specific info. It should be your responsibility to check the privacy policy page on the website periodically to know more about the changes if done.